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GPO Terms of Warranty

1. Warranty policy

1) Warranty applies to repair only. We donot accept refunds nor provide


2) Warranty last for ONE YEAR upon date ofpurchase expect for accessories


2. Terms of warranty

1)     A complete setof authentication for warranty MUST be provided for

warranty to be valid:

i. Original Proof of Purchase at ourauthorized dealer (Photocopies

are NOT accepted)

ii. GPO Authentication LabelValid for HKSAR and Macau ONLY

iii.Warranty Card, if any

iv. Serial Number, if any

v. Original Packaging

2) Period of warranty

i. Warranty last for ONE YEAR upon date ofpurchase except for

accessories (including vacuum tubes,cables, etc), misuse and

abuse voids warranty *Please see appendixfor further details

ii. If the product life has come to an end,warranty stops

immediately upon the official end-of-life(EOL) date provided

from the vendor. GPO is not liable toprovide warranty if GPO did

not disclose or announce the EOLinformation.

iii.Repair of any products during warrantywill not extend the

original warranty term.

3) Warranty coverage

i. We provide warranty for productspurchased directly from us, or

from our authorized dealer only. With acomplete set of

authentication and after proven that theproduct has been used

under normal circumstance, repair servicewill be provided with

no extra cost from the customer within oneyear of purchase.

ii. We provide warranty for productspurchased directly from us, or

from our authorized dealer only. After oneyear upon purchase,

with a complete set of authentication andafter proven that the

product has been used under normalcircumstance, repair service

may be provided under extra cost forinspection and parts. If the

parts cannot be provided by the vendor, GPOis not liable to

provide further repairmen. The inspectionfee will NOT be


iii.Warranty covers the repairs forfunctional parts and software used

under normal circumstances only. Misuse,modification and abuse

voids the warranty. Cosmetics issues,non-factory data/media are

NOT under the coverage of this warranty.Any loss of data/media

upon repair is NOT under the liability of GPO.

iv. GPO bears no liability for any loss ordamage in transit.

v. Warranty will be voided IMMEDIATELY ifany modification is done

to the warranty label or if the warrantylabel is unclear or


vi.The physical condition of the warrantylabel is the liability of the

customer. GPO will not reissue warrantylabel under any


4) Warranty is void under, but not limitto, the following circumstances:

i. Abuse, misuse or damage of any kind.

ii. Wear and tear or deteriorate ofappearance

iii.Damage due to natural forces such as,but not limit to, natural

disasters, etc.

iv. Not being able to provideauthentication for warranty or

authentication materials are damaged.

v. Modification of any kind, including theuse of third party cables,

transformers, amplifiers, etc.

vi.Customer failed to provide an originalproof of purchase.

Photocopies, snapshots, photos, etc. arenot considered to be


3. Fees and liability

i. Customers should contact the point ofpurchase within seven days

of purchase for aftersales service. Theservice thus is under the

decision and liability of the party whichthe customer has made

the purchase. GPO is NOT liable for theactions taken and reserves

the right to provide replacement or serviceof any kind.

ii. GPO does NOT provide door-to-doorservices of any kind.

iii. GPO will NOT bear any of the logisticscost within the warranty


iv. Should the product falls out of thewarranty period, the customer

have to bear all the logistics costinvolved if the customer wishes

to receive warranty service of any kind.

Note: The customer accepts our terms ofwarranty upon purchase of our distributed

products. GPO reserves all the right to theinterpretation and explanation to the terms of warranty.